The Joe Hector PoweRun Competition

A separate event run by the Kennett Area YMCA, is held in conjunction with the 5K & 10K Run. The PoweRun biathlon involves skills of strength and endurance, measured by a combination of weight-lifting and distance running. Men and women 14 and over are eligible to compete.


This event will be in Anson B Nixon Park next year! Between 7:00 & 8:30 a.m.


The weight that men and women are responsible to lift is as follows, based on age on race day:



Age 14-18 - 80% of Body Weight

Age 19-29 - 100% of Body Weight

Age 30-39 - 100% of Body Weight

Age 40-49 - 100% of Body Weight

Age 50-59 - 80% of Body Weight

Age 60-69 - 70% of Body Weight

Age 70+ - 60% of Body Weight



Age 14-18 - 40% of Body Weight

Age 19-29 - 50% of Body Weight

Age 30-39 - 50% of Body Weight

Age 40-49 - 50% of Body Weight

Age 50-59 - 40% of Body Weight

Age 60-69 - 40% of Body Weight

Age 70+ - 30% of Body Weight


For each successfully completed repetition, in any/all gender and age groups, will result in a 30 second deduction for the 5K and/or a 60 second deduction for the 10K.


The lower the score the better. Some winners may even score into the negative numbers! Awards will be given to top two overall males and females in 5K & 10K runs.


Awards to the top two men and women in each race for the following age categories: 14-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+


Rules and Regulations

Weighing In:

All participants must weigh in at the scales provided. Participants will leave their shoes and shirts on. No deduction will be taken for clothing. Participant's lifting weight will correlate to bodyweight as calculated by the judges. The minimum weight lift for ALL participants is 45lb (the weight of a clean bar).


Bench Press:

No warm-ups on weight bench. (other benches provided for warm-up.) Collars must be used. Bar must touch chest on every repetition. Arms must be FULLY extended at the end of each repetition (If you have a physical limitation that prevents you from straightening your arms, you must inform the official before you start lifting). Once the bar ceases to rise or begins negative movements, the spotter and/or judge will end the session. Back and hips must remain flat on the bench at all times. Any arching or moving which causes the hips to come off the bench will result in the termination of the attempts. The number of repetition prior to the hips coming off the bench will be used for the PoweRun© calculations. Feet are to remain in the same position throughout the bench press, either firmly on the floor or planted on the bench. A pause of more than 3 seconds either at the top of the lift or the bottom of the lift will trigger a warning from the official. It movement doesn’t occur immediately thereafter, the number of repetitions done to that point will be used for the PoweRun© calculations. Grip placement left to the discretion of the competitor. Once the repetitions have been initiated, the grip cannot be changed. The judge's ruling is FINAL. No appeals will be allowed!